Happy Anniversary Brooke & Lance!

” The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.”

– Julia Child

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Brooke & Lance your wedding photos never cease to bring us true joy.

We wish you a happy anniversary and many great years to come!

with love,

The Magnolia Event Design Team


Happy Anniversary Abby & George!

Three years ago today we had the pleasure of coordinating a vintage backyard wedding for this beautiful couple. Abby & George, happy three year anniversary!

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Photos courtesy of Linda Chaja

May your love for one another continue to grow each day!


Magnolia Event Design


Never mind your typical cocktail hour celebrate with a parade!

We’re not the only ones celebrating love with parades! Check out The Vampire Diaries star, Candice Accola & hubby, Joe King’s  second line parade in New Orleans from this past weekend! This is a fantastic way to get the party started and transition into the reception.


Photos courtesy of Candice Accola/Joe King/JonasPeterson.Com



The Magnolia Event Design Team

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Happy Anniversary Jessica & Matt!

Jessica & Matt,

A Ring,

It’s a symbol of everlasting love
A symbol of forces bigger than us from up above.
Ones undying commitment & trust in another
A special bond that never gives up hope or faith in the other…

2012-10-12 18.27.32

Happy Anniversary Jessica & Matt! ! May the bond between you two continue to strengthen each day.


The Magnolia Event Design Team


Happy Anniversary Cristina & Simon!

It is always a blessing to witness true love, but even more a blessing to experience it!


Happy Anniversary Cristina & Simon, we wish you continued love  and happiness!


The Magnolia Event Design Team!