Shoes-day Tuesday

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It’s Shoesday Tuesday!

This Tuesday, we are featuring some beautiful blue shoes from BHLDN. BHLDN is Anthropologie’s wedding line featuring carefully curated, vintage-inspired attire and decorations.

Not only are these shoes stunning, but they fulfill the bride’s “something blue.” Do you plan on sporting the blue shoe wedding day trend? Snap an Instagram pic and tag @magnoliaed. We’d love to check it out! 

Fashion Friday



Spring has arrived and although Winter in Santa Barbara wasn’t much of a winter, I am still excited! It’s time to put away those UGG boots and bring out those stylish sandals. A top shoe trend of Spring 2014 are those clunky Birkenstocks that have been around since 1774! And no wonder they have been around since the dawn of time, they’re amazing! They make outfits appear effortless and boho-chic, especially the oiled leather pair which I can say, go with everything, from boyfriend jeans and a simple tee to a patterned dress.


 Nordstrom recently added bright reds, teals, and purples to their inventory which I would have gladly purchased if these shoes weren’t $130 a pair!  Aside from the price, the colors are really the cutest, they’ll add a pop of color to any outfit. I’d personally pair them with this patterned dress from Topshop or these boyfriend jeans from Old Navy with a cute top.





For the more price conscious person, Topshop has a great selection of look-alike Birkenstock sandals that I actually prefer more. They are narrower, the same material as original Birkenstocks, but only fifty percent the price. The only down-side about this shoe, is the sizing. It’s made in Germany so you’ll have to choose a size that not only matches your American shoe size but then go a size up, at least that was my experience with Topshop.


Some other great things about these shoes, aside from how fashionable they are, are the materials. They are made out of strong durable leather and a flexible lightweight sole that forms to your foot. They also have great arch support which not many sandals do, making it a great shoe to own no matter what age you are.
So what do you think? Birkenstocks or Birkenots!?
Stay well & fabulous,


Three of Our Beautiful Weddings Have been Featured on Carats & Cake!

It’s a THREE-FER!!!
We are thrilled to announce that Carats & Cake is featuring not one, not two, but THREE of our past weddings.
Take a looksie and tell us what you think!
Shauna & David’s Romantic Pastels can be seen in our photo albums and on Carats & Cake
Photo courtesy of Frances Marron
Roger & Jeffrey’s Gardenia & Magnolia Four Seasons Wedding can be seen in our photo albums and on Carats & Cake
Photo courtesy of Linda Chaja
Lauren & Noah’s Sunset Tones at Ojai Valley Inn can be seen in our photo albums and on Carats & Cake
Photo courtesy of Next Exit Photography

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Heather & Ben!

Two years ago today I got the pleasure of being the maid of honor in Heather’s marriage to Ben Burleson.  And two years to the day I am excitedly planning the baby shower for their yet to be born baby girl!  How is that for some wonderful magic?

photo 1 (2)


photo 5

I thought I would share the toast that I wrote for Heather and Ben on their wedding day… I was so nervous giving my toast.  A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I really am a very shy person, at first.  I remember shaking giving the toast and thinking, “Pull it together!  You advise people on how to do this all the time…”, but that didn’t help at all.  I wrote down in my iPhone what I wanted to say and today I am going to share it with you.

To Heather, 

I am honored to have stood by your side, to be your friend, to be someone you trust to paint your baby’s nursery with and to have been asked to be at the birth.  I promise that I won’t ever let you down. 


Auntie Fancy

  I’m so excited to be here tonight and to be by heather’s side as she marries Ben.  Heather, you make a beautiful bride!
Heather and I have had a lot of fun together and she’s always been there for me in happy times or sad.  Whether it was 3 in the morning or afternoon she remained loyal to me.
Happy times, yes there were many. Who can forget “shrimps in Croatia, dancing until 5am in New York, or skinny dipping in Santa Barbara?”
We’ve come to know one another so well, that we have an understanding that goes beyond words. When Ben confided in me with his proposal plans, I knew heddy had picked a good one. All the signs were there… the special looks … the way her face would light up when he was around. It all felt right as it happened, it all feels right today.

I know they have the foundation for a wonderful marriage: not just lovers, but lifelong friends as well.

Heather, I want to say thank you. You make things entertaining and exciting for the rest of us. You bring sunshine and rainbows and a unicorn or two in our lives. Every one of us is proud to be your friend, and we’d do anything for you. You’re a giving person, you’re always there if we need you, and I love you to the moon and stars and back again.

I’m so excited that you are a wife today!

I hope that your road goes on forever and your party never ends. Thank you for bringing color into my life, and I hope there’s plenty more in yours for many, many years.Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to offer a toast: To Heather and Ben, and a wonderful colorful life together!!! ”


Congratulations to Nico of NLC Production for winning Designer of the Year at CSES!!!!!

We are always excited to work with Nico of NLC Productions! His design aesthetic is stunning and always spot on with what our clients envision for their big day. His designs are dramatic and  breathtaking! Congratulations on winning floral designer of the year Nico, we could not be more happy for you!



The Magnolia Event Design Team